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4 Uses For Yarn Scraps

From weaving in ends, to sewing parts together, to the barely-scraped by bits left over from winning at yarn chicken; yarn scraps come with the yarnbending territory. If you have a compulsion to hold onto those scraps (no worries, I do too), read on for ways to actually use them.


How To Find Yarn Yardage Without Unraveling

Whether I like it or not, math is an integral part of designing and aside from my crochet hooks, is probably the tool I use the most. It's used in everything from figuring out stitch count, sizing, and finding the yardage of yarn used in my designs or projects. This last point is what today's… Continue reading How To Find Yarn Yardage Without Unraveling


February Progress – 2020 Goals

You may remember that last month I wrote a list of my goals for 2020. I have made progress with some, others not so much. Read on to find out which ones they are! Crafting Goals: Knit a sweater I have finished the body & am now working on the left sleeve. Sweater knitting… Continue reading February Progress – 2020 Goals